Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Vol. 1+2

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One hundred years ago, Jonathan Joestar used his mystic Hamon energy to battle the vampire Dio and send him to a watery grave in the middle of the Atlantic. Before the ship sank, Dio managed to claim Jonathan’s body and its powers for his own. Now, one hundred years later, Dio has returned and awakened new powers in Jonathan’s descendants, Joseph Joestar and Jotaro "JoJo" Kujo. These powers take the form of incredible psychic warriors called "Stands" that can be called up from within to do battle. When his mother becomes gravely ill because of Dio’s return, Jotaro and a small group of fellow Stand users make their way towards Egypt in order to kill Dio and end his curse forever.

Adventure 1 - The Evil Spirit
Jotaro Kujo refuses to leave his jail cell, believing that he is possessed by an evil spirit (later revealed to be a "Stand"). When Jotaro's mother, Holley, his grandfather Joseph and the mysterious Avdol come to try to coax him out, a battle erupts between two Stands—Jotaro's "Star Platinum" and Avdol's "Magician's Red."

Adventure 2 - Hierophant Green
Jotaro learns the secret of his Stand power and about his family's enemy, the vampire Dio. Later, Jotaro is attacked by "Hierophant Green," an enemy Stand controlled by Dio's assassin, Noraki Kakyoin. When Holley falls into a Stand-induced coma, Joseph, Jotaro and the others embark on a dangerous journey to Egypt to save her life and end the 100-year battle between Dio and the Joestar family!

Adventure 3 - Silver Chariot and Strength
When the private jet carrying Jotaro and his companions to Egypt suddenly bursts into flames, the plane is forced to land in the ocean. As the party drifts in a lifeboat, a large freighter pulls alongside and they climb aboard. To their shock, there is no crew to be found—and the only passengers left aboard are an Orangutan and enemy Stand user Jean-Luc Polnareff.

Adventure 4 - The Emperor and the Hanged ManJotaro and his comrades hurry their way to India. In his impatience to avenge his younger sister Polnareff leaves the group behind in search for the man with two right hands. He soon finds himself in trouble when confronted by Dio's new assassins "Hanged Man" and "Emperor". Avdol rushes to the rescue but now the attacks let loose by Hanged Man and Emperor are directed upon Avdol.Adventure 5 - The JudgementAvdol falls under the combined assault of Hanged Man and Emperor. Polnareff is overcome with grief and anger. Aided by Kakyoin's quick thinking they narrowly escape. Still there is no clue as how to defeat the Hanged Man who reveals himself only through mirror reflections. How can they find a way to defeat this enigmatic Stand...?