Death Note: Volume 4

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High school student Light Yagami is about to take the difficult entrance exams for Japan’s elite universities. Though, that’s not much of a challenge for Light. After all, even though he is hardworking and conscientious, he is blessed with above-average intelligence. Thus, he always passes all his exams with aplomb. However, everything changes when, one day, he finds a mysterious notebook in the schoolyard – the so-called “Death Note”. The person whose name is written in this note shall die. While looking at it, Light does not only find out more about the exact procedure but soon meets the original owner of the book: a Shinigami called Ryuk.

The temptation to use the book is far too great for Light, for he views the “Death Note” as a chance to rid the world of evil and criminals. Therefore, more and more dangerous criminals fall victim to it … and eventually, the police must intervene. The investigation leader is a special detective of whom neither face nor name is known. He is addressed only as “L” by everyone. At the same time, the American FBI sends some investigators and takes up the trail of Kira